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Tobi - Conflict, Still

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Date: 03 May 2019

Duration: 01:59

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Tobi - Conflict, Still, [Verse]
Drowned by thoughts 'til you called
Drowned by thoughts 'til you called
On a late night, late night
I know you waiting
Don't be impatient
Girl, I know you waiting
I know you waiting
Don't be impatient
I'm gonna make it
Back home
Back home

TOBi, it's mom calling
It's 1:30 now and I haven't heard from you
Why are you doing this?
You're not picking up your phone
I've been calling you since
Which kind of friends are you staying with all night?
Oluron ma jara buru
I don't wanna hear hashtag TOBi
We didn't bring you to Canada to be shot
Please come home

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